Well we made it to Rome this morning after a slight delay leaving Venice because of bad weather. The flight was short but it felt like it took us all day to get here because of the delay. The weather predictions were supossed to be heavy rain and wind but I am glad they were wrong! It rained a few minutes off and on today but the sun was shining and it was a nice day hopefully it stays the same for the rest of the time we are here.

We have a HUGE hotel room!! It has a office a little living room and a huge balcony that has three different sliding door exits on to it! The funny thing is this is the cheapest we have paid nightly out of all the places and it has the biggest room! We are a little farther from the city center than I would have liked but the train station is right behind the hotel and is only 3 stops away, and at 1 Euro each way which is a bargain compared to other forms of public transportation here.

We did laundry today, well I should say Tony did laundry today. We only washed a few things that we needed but we went down to the local supermarket and bought some laundry soap and he washed clothes in the bathtub, since the hotel charges ridiculous prices to do your laundry. That's it for today, we will get out into the city and sightseeing tomorrow.

Rome 1 008_edited-1

View from the balcony...
Rome 1 007_edited-1

Hope you are all doing well, will post more tomorrow!!

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