About Me

Hello, My name is Muriel! I love having a camera in my hand and the endless possibilities of new and creative ideas you can capture with a single click of the shutter. I am a newly-wed (I can finally say that) to my wonderful husband, and mother of 4 furbabies. After 8 years I finally married my high school sweetheart in the wedding of my dreams!! We got married in Hawaii in May of 2010. We were blessed with 60 family and friends who were able to join us, we had an amazing time!




Pictures courtesy of Rachel Robertson Photography

Meet the Furbabies

Canela - Boxer - 8 years old

Canela is the mom of the group and the most protective of us, she is always aware of what is going on around her.

Fiona - English Bulldog - 3 years old

Fiona is the spoiled little princess. She thinks she is a princess and even acts like it.

Bella - French Bulldog - 2 year old

Bella is my little circus dog. She likes to jump and is full of so much energy.

Zoe - English Bulldog - 2 year old

Zoe is the bully of the group. She is also a chewer, she chewed our cars, house, table, shoes you name it she's chewed it! Thankfully she has grown out of it and doesn't really chew anything she is not suppossed to anymore.

So this is my little family. We take life as it comes at us and make everyday a new adventure.

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