Another Day in Paris

Well I thought we had gotten used to the time change but when we couldn't fall asleep until 2am (CET) time and woke up at 2pm (CET) that aparently wasn't true! This time change is a kick in the butt, it really is. We went to the Moulin Rouge last night and had a great time, it was a packed theatre but what a fun experience. We were suppossed to go to Disneyland today but since we woke up soooo late we decided to go tomorrow, hopefully we can wake up on time!! Today we went to the Louve and got to see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and a few other famous works of art. That museum is so gigantic you can spend all day in there and you still probably wouldn't see it all.

paris 103

paris 100

paris 101

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paris 104

Let's see what else about Paris.... there really is a language barrier which I knew there would be but alot more people speak or at least understand English than I expected. So I carry around a piece of paper with the hotel name and address on it so if the cab driver doesn't understand us we can just show him the paper. There are not really any restaurants here, only cafe's. They open in the morning and then close at 2:30pm and then re-open at 7pm for diner so that took us awhile to figure out so we thought everything closed early so we have been eating room service. (It's sad when they already know your order) They have the best macaroni and cheese it is made with Beaufort cheese which I had never heard of before then but it is so delicious!!

Tomorrow we plan on going to the Notre Dame Cathedral and then heading out to Disneyland, if we wake up on time! Tomorrow is our last full day in Paris and Friday we depart to Venice, Italy.

Oh, and Happy Late Birthday to my brother Larry, I didn't forget but my phone wasn't charged so this is a day late! Love you!

Miss you guys!

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Shari  – (November 4, 2010 at 5:41 AM)  

You look like you are having a blast.. but who wouldn't.

Thanks so the photos you lucky dog!!!

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