Film Talk Friday Episode 2

Sorry, this is late. This has been a crazy week here for me. So off I go: Film Talk Friday copy

Title: Divorce Italian Style (1961)
Genre: Comedy / Foreign (Italy)
Director:Pietro Germi
Starring:Marcello Mastroianni (Ferdinando Cefalu), Daniela Rocca (Rosalia Cefalu), Stefania Sandrelli (Angela)

After starting this movie, I though to myself what did I get myself into. But after watching a little bit more of it I realized this movie is genuienely funny. I really enjoyed it and glad I decided to watch it.

The movie is about Baron Ferdinando who is married to Rosalia, but falls in love with his cousin Angela. At first it sounds kind of weird falling for your cousin, but it must have been acceptable when this movie was made. Anyways the movie is about the Baron who is trying to get his wife Rosalia to cheat on him so he can catch her in the act and kill her, freeing him to marry Angela. He trys to find acceptable men to coax into wooing her, until he finds one of her old flames. He is the perfect guy and still longs for Rosalia. So it didn't take long for his plan to move into action and they run away together. Since his wife left him the Baron becomes a social outcast for not chasing after her, so he decides he must find and kill her to regain his honor. Once he kills his wife he is sent to trial where he gets the minimum sentence for killing his wife because she had cheated. After he does his time he gets out to go home to his dear Angela. They marry and the movie ends, not before they show Angela playing footsies with a deck hand. This is just a brief overview of what happened in the movie, but it had some very funny parts while the Baron was trying to come up with a plan to do away with his wife. I would try and explain them but I am sure I would ruin anything funny I tried to explain!
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