There were two things I was fighting this weekend. One being a cold that I seemed to have caught somewhere. So I have been taking Robitussin and upping my vitamin C intake. Seems to be getting better but I hate being sick, especially with a runny nose when it is 100' outside!!

The other thing I was fighting this weekend was ants! Of all the insects I HATE ants the most. They drive me insane being so tiny and getting into all of my food! We found these gel traps that really seem to work and helped for about two weeks but this weekend they came back with a vengeance and of course we are out of the traps!

Iphone Pic:


This photo is just a small sample, I had a two inch thick line of ants pretty much around my whole kitchen when I woke up Saturday! I must have killed about 2,000 ants!!

On a happier note my photo was a show off over at Love Bug. Check out her blog she does a fun travel linkup!


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Courtney F  – (August 6, 2012 at 7:50 PM)  

Oh, that does not sound like fun! I hope they go away! Beautiful blog and thank you for stopping by mine!

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