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I decided to do a weekly movie "talk" every Friday. Movies are one thing that I LOVE. I could sit and watch movie after movie all day if Tony would let me. My favorite genre of film is foreign film, especially Asian. Why you might ask, I have no clue. I have fell in love with so many foreign films from that country. The main thing I love about foreign film is that they are willing to show just about anything, they don't hold back from any story content. To me they have some of the best cinematography and visuals around. So you will see a lot of films on here that you probably have never heard of. But if you love film as much as I do I encourage you to watch something new, if you can stand reading subtitles. So welcome to......

Title: The Skin I Live In
Genre: Drama/Foreign (Spain)
Director: Pedro Almodovar
Starring: Antonio Banderas & Elena Anaya

At first I had no idea what to even think what this movie could be about. I assumed by the poster that it was about some girl getting plastic surgery and the many horrors that can accompany it. Boy was I completely wrong! In short, the film is about a top plastic surgeon, who through his research creates a strong synthetic skin that he tests on an un-expecting and un-willing subject. It took me awhile to really become interested in the movie, but as the story line progressed I got pulled in. The movie has a twist that I never even saw coming. I love films that surprise me because usually I can guess what is going to happen, or figure out how the movie is going to end. But not this one. I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone who actually wants to watch it for themselves, but the movie is based around revenge. I'll be honest the only reason I decided to watch this film is because quite a few people told me how good it was. If it wasn't for that I probably would have let this one slip off of the radar. The film has some strong adult content, it is NOT kid friendly! If anyone does decide to watch it let me know what you think?


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