Film Talk Friday Episode 3

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Swing Time (1936) Director: George Stevens
Starring: Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
Genre: Comedy/Musical

Swing Time is about Astaire (Lucky) who leaves his performing group to head off to New York City to make some money so he can marry his Fiance. While in New York he meets Penny (Rogers) an aspiring Dancer. It isn't love at first sight at least not in Penny's eyes but they soon grow on each other and Lucky is left to choose between Penny and his Fiance. I'm sure you can guess who he chose?

Swing Time was such a fun movie to watch. Naturally the film was entertaining with the infamous duo of Astaire/Rogers singing and dancing together truly at their best. I had not watched an Astaire/Rogers film in a while and I had forgotten how beautiful Ginger Rogers was and how much chemistry they have together. The one thing I love about watching older films is that the comedy is so innocent. It is not based on sexual or dirty references like many of today's films are.

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