I was so excited yesterday because it was the first Halloween ever that we got to pass out candy at our own house! It was so fun seeing all the little kids and their costumes walking around. We had some good candy waiting for the trick or treaters.

I also was able to walk around the block with my niece and nephews.
The other part of my Halloween was taking Zoe to the vet. I thought she had double ear infections again but luckily they are only hot spots which is still an infection but only on her skin and not in her ear canals. So she had to be shaved around both ears again and was given a steroid shot to help them dry out.
Hope you all had a fun Halloween! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

~Shari  – (November 1, 2011 at 11:01 AM)  

Happy Day after Halloween!

We had some good candy at out house last night also. And, do you know that we did not get ONE single Trick-o-Treater? We were sad!

My Princess, (May she rest in peace) had something like that that went on with her in the LATE summer every year. She had to be shaved and the steroid shot also. Hers was all over her chest and ears. The vet always told me she was allergic to the grass. *shrug* but I didn't understand why she didn't get it the entire summer long.

I hope you baby girl gets better soon!!!

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