Today Tuesday February ??, 2009

Wow how fast you lose track of the date while you are on vacation!! Well today was a fun and relaxing day. We started out by taking a helicopter ride around the entire island of Oahu. It was so much fun and amazing to see the entire island from way up there. The neat thing was we got to see some more whales today they were jumping out of the water really high and we could see them from the helicopter. I did get motion sickness from the helicopter and ended up throwing up right over pearl harbor so needless to say I did not get any pics of Pearl harbor from up top in the sky. After the copter ride we went to Dog the Bounty hunters gift shop and bought some souvenirs from the store he wasn't there today though. We ate lunch at Cheeseburger in paradise which was a fun and neat place. I got cheeseburger earings from there, which I think I will wear to dinner tonight. After that we came back and laid out on the beach. Tony tried to get me in the water but it was way too cold. I got into about my waist but he was out swimming far. It got a little chilly so we spent sometime in the hot tub. Tonight we are going to dinner at Duke's right in the hotel next door. Well I miss you guys hope you like the pics.

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