Okay Day #3

Today we started our day off by going to Pearl Harbor. It was just as interesting and moving as the first time. It is amazing to think that there are alomost 1,000 bodies still in the USS Arizona, right underneath. We actually saw a good amount of oil that was coming up from the ship which was neat to see. We then went to the JW Marriott where we saw sharks and stingrays. We also saw Bobby from Dog the Bounty Hunter. After that we continued up the coast and went to the farthest we could go and when we turned around Tony spotted some whales!! It was so neat!! I couldn't zoom that far in on them but we could see about 6 of them all coming up together. We then went to the Punchbowl Cemetery which has one of the most beautiful view of Honolulu. Before heading back to the hotel we drove by Dog the Bounty Hunter's shop. Lastly we ate at a restaurant called Top of Waikiki, and it is atop a building and it turns slowly around so you can see all around you.

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